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What Is The SuperPool?

The SuperPool is a Super Bowl prop-bet pool established in 1986 that requires about 5 minutes (and absolutely no football knowledge) to complete.

Why Should I Play?

For every entry this year, the SuperPool will donate $5 to Team Matthew Hauser ( ). Invite a sibling to play and assert your dominance

So How Does It Work?

Go to the "Make Picks" Tab and simply answer some questions.

The buy-in is $5.

  • Last place gets their $5 back.

  • Winner takes the remaining prize pool.

  • In the event of a tie in points, the player with the most questions answered correctly will win.  In the case of last place, the winner will be the player who answers the most questions incorrectly. If tied after these tiebreakers are applied, the winner will be decided by a coin flip.

Venmo (Joseph-Hicks-41) is the preferred currency. Arrangements to settle all accounts must be made timely or those accounts will suffer the fate of Randolph and Mortimer Duke. 

While I am the Decider-in-Chief when it comes to adjudicating questionable answers, I will ask others to keep me honest when a decision is in question. All decisions are final.

Enter as many times as you'd like, just be sure to use a different name each time. After making your first submission, refresh your screen, and a new entry form will load. Submitting multiple entries using the same email address is fine.

After submission, I’ll send you a one-page PDF of your picks to the email you provide.

Standings and Correct Answers will be updated on the corresponding Tabs in real-time during the game.

Pool entries will be accepted until 5:55PM on February, 12, 2023.

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